What We Do For Our Clients

Our clients seek the right to live and work in the U.S. To acquire that right they need particular visas. To get (and keep) the visa means you will have several encounters with U.S. government agencies and officials.  Our job is to evaluate your case and help you navigate the complex immigration process and to help you emerge through the process with the visa in hand and a smile on your face.


We start with the Consultation.   30+ Years of law practice has proven that the best way for us to provide you with the information you are requesting and to analyze your eligibility for a visa is for you to come in for a consultation.*  We will sit down with you, review all of your documents and credentials, and discuss your visa options based on your stated goals.  At the end of this consultation we should be able to determine what visa category you qualify for and you will leave with a clear understanding of the visa petition process, evidence requirements and what your next steps should be. 


After that we will quote a flat fee for the preparation of your case.  If you choose to proceed then the consultation fee is credited to the overall fee. If you choose not to proceed, then you leave with a valuable set of knowledge and advice.


No two cases are the same.  Nevertheless, if you retain us then our general services include the following:

  1. Develop a clear and concise strategy for your case
  2. Identify specific evidence documents you will need to gather and organize for submission
  3. Meet and communicate with you, as needed, to answer any questions and assist you throughout the evidence-gathering process
  4. Meet with you to review your evidence and provide guidance on any outstanding documentation / information
  5. Ensure that your final evidence fulfills the legal requirements
  6. Obtain necessary expert opinions or evaluations
  7. Prepare a persuasive evidence packet and supporting documents for submission to the appropriate government agency
  8. Submit your petition and monitor case progress
  9. Keep you abreast of pertinent changes in policies, interpretations and procedures at the relevant government agencies
  10. Assist you in scheduling a visa interview at the appropriate consulate and prepare you for that interview as well as the border inspection
  11. Remain available to answer questions as needed


*We also offer consultations via Skype video conferencing for clients outside the New York City vicinity.


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